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Assessing COMSOL Performances on Typical Problems Faced by Turbo-Generator Manufacturers

E.A. Badea1 J. Oesterheld1 S. Friedel2 M. Olsson3
1Alstom Schweiz, Birr, Switzerland
2COMSOL, Z├╝rich, Switzerland
3COMSOL, Stockholm, Sweden

Model of a turbo-generator.

Multiphysics processes manifest in turbo-generators due to the leakage electromagnetic field of the stator and rotor end winding and its associated effects at machine frontal end. Such processes are a compilation of coupled phenomena having different electromagnetic, thermal, fluid flow and mechanical backgrounds. Electric current circulation through the metallic frames used for stator core clamping and support, insulation design for the stator end winding, or electromagnetic forces acting on the stator end winding involute, are just a few relevant topics of interest for turbo-generator manufacturers. This paper presents three benchmark models, which represent the typical physical problems encountered in the turbo-generator frontal end region, and the results determined with these models simulated in COMSOL Multiphysics.

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