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Model of an Interdigitated Electrodes System for Cell Counting Based on Impedance Spectroscopy

E. Bianchi12 F. Bellati1 E. Rollo2 G. Dubini1 C. Guiducci2
1Politecnico di Milano, LaBS, Laboratory of Biological Structure Mechanics, Milano, Italy
2Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Laboratory of Life Sciences Electronics - Swiss Up Chair, Lausanne, Switzerland

3D model of an electrodes system for cell counting.

A model of a cell counter sensor based on Impedance Spectroscopy (IS) has been implemented in COMSOL Multiphysics. The cell counter is a silicon-based microdevice consisting in 3D electrodes placed in a wide microchannel: cells flow in the microchannel through the electrodes to be detected. The model allows to evaluate the functionality of the device depending on geometrical parameters and material properties, cutting down experimental time. Two and three electrodes configurations have been tested, focusing on the variation of impedance due to the presence or absence of particles (polystyrene beads or cells). The resulting signal variation allows us to verify and quantify the efficiency of the device.

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