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Simulation of Microwave Heating of Porous Media Coupled with Heat, Mass and Momentum Transfer

J. Subbiah1 J. Chen1 K. Pitchai1 S. Birla1 D. Jones1
1University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE, USA

Predicted and observed spatial temperature profiles at three layers.

A microwave heating model coupled with heat, mass, and momentum transfer is needed to fully understand the microwave heating process. In this study a comprehensive 3D model was developed for studying the interaction of microwave with the food. The model includes physics of Maxwell’s electromagnetic heating, Fourier’s heat transfer, Darcy’s momentum transfer, mass conservations of water and vapor, and phase change of water. Predicted spatial and transient temperature profiles were in good agreement with experimental results. The moisture content did not change significantly in both simulation and experiment because of short microwave heating time. A longer heating process and accurate spatial moisture content determination are needed for validating the model further.

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