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Irrotational Motion of an Incompressible Fluid Past a Wing Section in an Unbounded Region

J. Russell1
1Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL, USA

Distribution of normalized fluid speed and the corresponding streamlines in the flow past a cambered Zhukovski airfoil at 5 degrees angle of attack.

Developers of numerical models who address the title problem face several hurdles, such as: (1), the need to formulate boundary conditions applicable in an unbounded region; (2), The need to specify conditions suitable to ensure a unique solution in a doubly connected region; and (3), The need to allow the interior boundary to have a sharp edge, such as a cusp. The aim of the work reported herein is to build a COMSOL model tree that addresses these challenges with as few additional complications as possible and to compare the numerical results with those of a well-known analytical solution, associated with the names of Kutta and Zhukovski. COMSOL's multiple-geometry capability and model coupling operators prove especially useful.

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