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Numerical Modeling and Performance Optimization Study of a Diaphragm Pump for Medical Application

I. Lupelli1 P. Gaudio1 A. Malizia1 R. Quaranta1
1Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Roma, Italy

Active area for different diaphragm (standard molded) materials: PVDF (top left) PFTE (top right) compared to a flat PTFE diaphragm (bottom).

In this contribution we present the results of the numerical modeling and performance optimization study of a diaphragm pump for drug infusion. The main objective is to develop a numerical model that replicates the pumping cycle (400ms) and also provides indications about the variation of pumping performance as consequence of the variation of the chamber-diaphragm system geometry, diaphragm materials and other operating conditions (backpressure and working fluid).

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