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Flare System Pressure Drop Calculations Using COMSOL

K. Alhazza1 B. Albusairi1 H. Kamal1 H.M.S. Lababiedi1 A.A. Abbas2
1Kuwait University, Kuwait City, Kuwait
2Petrochemical Industries Company, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Pressure distribution when valves one and three only open.

COMSOL Multiphysics has been used to validate and check the design of a header transporting ammonia gases released from pressure safety valves (PSVs) to the tip of the flare. The header is part of a dedicated flaring system to contain emissions from ammonia storage tanks. The two main challenges are the low relief pressure and high capacity of the system. Another difficulty is the high relief capacity which amounts to 50,000 kg/hr for the four PSVs. Such constraints demand designing connections consuming low pressure drop and preventing back pressure build up against the PSVs. COMSOL simulation results provided pressure profiles and velocity streamlines for the entire system.

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