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Comparative Numerical Studies of Scramjet Inlet Performance Using k-ε Turbulence Model with Adaptive Grids

V. Gopal1 R. Kolluru1
1BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Surface Plot of Mach number for Scramjet Inlet with free stream Mach number 4.

Scramjet inlet design remains as a key aspect for hypersonic flight. To assess the inlet design, the performance parameters namely; air-capture ratio, total pressure efficiency, inlet drag coefficient, and kinetic energy efficiency are evaluated and analysed. In the current study comparison of performance parameters is carried out by performing numerical computation of 2-D turbulent flow field for four different scramjet inlet geometries with two different free stream Mach number (M=4 and 5). The numerical computation is performed with the help of Femlab’s finite element method tool “Comsol Multiphysics” using the “Turbulent High Mach Number Flow” module provided in it.

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