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Building a Complex Geological Model Using Parametric Surfaces

S. Hoyer1 M. Bottig1 F. Zekiri1 G. Götzl1 A.K. Brüstle1 G. Schubert1 A. Nador2
1Geological survey of Austria, Vienna, Austria
2Geological Institute of Hungary, Budapest, Hungary

Tiefscholle model.

Temperature measurements of the subsurface are available due to hydrocarbon exploration in the project area, where the average drilling depth is about 2-4 km and the deepest well reaches about 8.5 km. Since the data is heavily uneven distributed, standard interpolation techniques did not deliver satisfying results. This is why numerical modeling was applied to assess the thermal regime of the deeper structural levels of the basin. On the basis of a state-of-the-art geological 3D model the thermal regime of the Vienna Basin could be modeled using COMSOL. Comparisons between modeled and measured temperature data from deep drilling has been used for validation. The major results of this work are compiled temperature maps in specific depths and maps of isotherms.

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