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FEM-Simulation of a Printed Acceleration Sensor with RF Readout Circuit

H. Schweiger1 T. Göstenkors1 R. Bau1 D. Zielke1
1Dept. Engineering Sciences and Mathematics, University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld, Bielefeld, Germany

Magnetic field of the simulated structure.

In this paper we want to figure out the development of a capacitive acceleration-sensor system with the FEM-Method. The sensor-system is in the position to detect accelerations in the range of ±20 g. Furthermore the sensor-element contains a printed RF-inductance, which is used for contactless data transfer. On the one hand the simulation of the L-C-oscillating circuit using the RF Module of COMSOL is shown, on the other hand the simulation of the sensor itself was done. The deflection of the sensor by an acceleration load was calculated and the change in sensor’s capacitance by the resulting deflection was evaluated. The changed capacitance of the sensor leads to a change in resonance frequency of the oscillating circuit, which could be detected.

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