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Optimized Cantilever-to-Anchor Configurations of Buckled Cantilever Plate Structures for Transducer Applications

A. Arpys Arevalo Carreno1 D. Conchouso Gonzalez1 I.G. Foulds1
1King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Thuwal, Mecca, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Buckled cantilever plate structure.

The mechanical simulation and analysis of the cantilever-to-anchor configuration for an out-of-plane structure used in transducer applications is reported. The polymer-based Buckled Cantilever Plate “BCP” structure, gives the ability to orient an active device from a horizontal to a vertical position, once assembled. In this paper we compare four different cantilever-to-anchor configurations: Typical, Lateral, Top and Loop configurations. The BCP assembly simulation shows an improvement of the peeling force induced in the anchors in comparison to standard cantilever-to-anchor configuration. The structural variation in these cantilever-to-anchor configurations modify the direction of the reaction forces at the cantilever-anchor interface while performing assembly and at the final lock position of the BCP, leading to a lower pealing force and more reliable anchor performance.

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