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Effect of Fluid Conditions on Air-Liquid Interface in Hydrophobic Micro Textured Surface

S. Takahashi1 S. Ogata1
1Tokyo Metropolitan University Hachioji City, Tokyo, Japan

Velocity profile of Y-Z cross-section.

We studied the influence of a number of gas-liquid interface on the drag reduction effect by numeric simulation. Level set method was used for an analysis of gas-liquid interface. The analytic model is rectangular channel of height h = 5 micrometer and width w = 20 micrometer with two hydrophobic microstructures in bottom of channel. In this channel, we found that the liquid penetrates in the upstream of microstructure more than the downstream of microstructure. The velocity in upstream region of microstructure decreases, conversely that in downstream region of microstructure increases. The analytic results show that the drag reduction occurs due to air-liquid interface in microstructure.

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