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Calculating the Haze Parameter of Textured Transparent Conductive Oxides

A. Čampa1 M. Topič1
1University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Electric field distribution in the computation domain.

In thin-film solar cells (a-Si:H, µc-Si:H, CIGS, etc.) scattering of light is very important to increase absorption of light in the active layers of solar cells. Today the most efficient thin-film solar cells are designed or deposited on random textured transparent conductive oxides (TCO). In order to study the scattering properties of the surface texture we have developed a numerical model in COMSOL, which calculates the scattering parameters from atomic force microscopy scan of surface texture/topography. This way we can study and evaluate the texture capabilities to scatter the light before producing such a texture, thus reducing time and cost for studying new types of textured surfaces. The simulation results obtained from the numerical model were compared to measured values.

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