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Analysis of Fluid Pumping with a Throttle Type Piezoelectric Micro Pump

B. Pečar1 D. Križaj1 D. Vrtačnik1 D. Resnik1 U. Aljančič1 M. Možek1 T. Dolžan1 A. Slavko1
1Faculty of Electrical Engineering, UNI of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Membrane deformation at maximal excitation and time evolution of fluid flow at outlet.

Operation of a modified type microthrottle (MT) pump is analyzed by numerical simulation. Conventional MT pumps have disk type piezoelectric membranes while the analyzed type has a membrane of a rectangular shape. This could be advantageous in case the pump is stacked into an array for parallel pumping. A complete electro–fluid–solid mechanics coupling model for numerical simulation of strip type piezoelectric micro pump has been developed using finite element analysis software. Numerical simulations revealed that although during one period of sinusoidal excitation period the liquid volume is flowing in both directions the net pumped fluid volume at the outlet after one period is non-zero (positive), indicating successful fluid pumping.

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