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EM Simulation of a Low-Pass Filter Based on a Microstrip Defected Ground Structure

J.E. Rayas-Sánchez1 J. Aguilar-Torrentera1 Z. Brito-Brito1 J.C. Cervantes-González2 C.A. López2
1Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico
2Intel Guadalajara Design Center, Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico

Geometrical structure of the low-pass filter with two-DGS unit sections using cross-junction opened stub.

We perform EM simulations of a low-pass microstrip filter consisting of a cross-junction open stub and two unit sections implemented as defected ground structures (DGS). The defect introduced by unit sections corresponds to an etched lattice on the copper backside ground plane. The filter presents wide and deep attenuation characteristics in the stopband. Different model implementations were carried out with the aim at evaluating the computational costs versus accuracy. Simulations of a high-fidelity model are in good agreement with experimental data reported in a previous paper. COMSOL simulation settings, enclosing box, computational costs, and simulation times for the considered models are provided.

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