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Structural Analysis of a Pressure Sensor for High Temperature Environments

S.V. De Guido1 G.S. Masi1 P. Vladimirovich Miodushevsky1 L. Vasanelli1
1Department of Innovation Engineering, University of Salento, Lecce, Italy

Rendering of the piston deformed by a pressure of 4 bar.

Pressure sensors operating at the temperature higher that 500 °C are absent in the world market. Our goal is to develop a pressure sensor that can operate at the high temperature up to 700 °C. Our sensor will be made up of a ceramic sensible element and a metallic case. The sensible element will be a ceramic beam with a Weathstone bridge on its surface. A structural analysis on the case has been performed to design the case and to study the behavior with pressure and temperature of different metallic alloys using a model reckoning with the mechanical stress due the pressure combined with the thermal expansion of the material. The stresses on the plate grow with pressure and with temperature.

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