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Web Based Laboratories for Teaching Electromagnetics for TEMPUS eLab Project

Y. El-Qattan 1 H. Ghali1
1Electrical Engineering Department, The British University in Egypt (BUE), El Sherouk City, Egypt

Developed web flow approach.

This paper presents a successful step towards the development of a “web-based laboratory” for teaching basic, and even advanced, electromagnetic concepts. The main idea is to develop a reusable model for the student to be used exactly as a hardware experiment in a physical laboratory, where he/she can change some of the experiment's physical parameters and get corresponding results. The two main problems which had to be solved are: 1) The model should be accessible remotely through the Internet using any browser, taking into account the fact that the student has no COMSOL installed on his/her computer, and 2) The model should not require a student's experience in using COMSOL, which means that only physical parameters that represent input variables and output data should be visible to student.

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