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Simulation of Pumping Induced Groundwater Flow in Unconfined Aquifer Using Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Method

Y. Jin1 E. Holzbecher1 S. Ebneth2
1Department of Applied Geology, Georg-August-University, Göttingen, Germany
2Hoelscher Dewatering, Haren, Germany

Tracking groundwater table changes in unconfiend aquifer with ALE method.

A novel numerical method characterizing groundwater flow in unconfined aquifer is demonstrated. In contrast to the conventional method (Dupuit approach considering horizontal flow only), hydraulic head is simulated in horizontal and vertical directions. The new approach is introduced via developing a 2-D-axisymmetric model representing the vertical cross section of the aquifer. The model solves groundwater flow equation derived from Darcy’s law and the principle of mass conservation. Meanwhile, the dynamics of hydraulic head changes is modeled using arbitrary the Lagrangian-Eulerian (ale) method. In a verification test the numerical results agree well with analytical solution (Thiem equation). An application is presented, evaluating a pumping test conducted at a test site. The limitations and advantages of the model approach are also discussed.

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