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Nondestructive Testing of Composites Using Model Based Design

E. Nesvijski1

Preliminary FEA models of specimens without (upper figure) and with void (lower figure) showing propagation of ultrasonic pulse.

There is a practical interest among composite materials manufacturers to high-speed accurate non-destructive evaluation (NDE) technology for voids inspection when these voids are natural components of such complex structures like resin insulated layer of double-sided copper-clad laminates. Model based design (MBD) of NDE system is one of principal solutions for voids inspection in such composites [1-4]. This work presents a MBD approach to voids inspection based on MEMS high frequency ultrasonic transducers with dry point coupling extensions [5-7], finite element analysis (FEA) of waves propagation through complex structures by COMSOL, modern digital signal processing (DSP) and artificial intelligence (AI) tools together [8-10].

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