Analytical and Experimental Validation of Electromagnetic Simulations Using COMSOLĀ®, re Inductance, Induction Heating and Magnetic Fields

M. W. Kennedy, S. Akhtar, J. A. Bakken, and R. E. Aune
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
Trondheim, Norway
Published in 2011

This paper presents a snap shot of experimental work, which has been conducted at NTNU on billet heating with induction coils. A significant volume of experimental data have been collected for coils running with up to 0.2T: high accuracy Hall probe readings (+/-1%), metal conductivity (+/-0.5%), and heat generation (+/- 4%) have been collected.

Results are analyzed using newly developed analytical models and COMSOL 2D axial symmetric models. Agreement is exceptionally good for both magnetic field strength/distribution and induced heating in the aluminium billets.