Measuring and Calculation of Positive Corona Currents Using COMSOL Multiphysics®

M. Quast[1] and N.R. Lalic[1]
[1]Gunytronic GmbH, St Valentin, Germany
Published in 2009

The sensor type developed by Gunytronic uses corona discharge for measuring flow rates in exhaust streams of automotives, aircrafts and industrial plants. This paper will present the development of testing equipment used in laboratory for investigating physical relations on corona currents, charged particle transport, the calculation of the collateral electric fields and high potentials. This enhanced understanding of the nature of corona currents was used to improve the geometry of the sensor system. Improving the sensor properties will be issue of another paper, which will be published soon. Here we will give some deeper insight in the collaboration of mathematical simulation and physical experimental work in the lab and vice versa.