Parametric Study of a Modified 3D Printing Nozzle Head

A. Agazzi1, A. Ghosh Dastidar1
1Centre Technique IPC
Published in 2023

A parametric study of a modified 3D printing nozzle head is numerically conducted to validate the process conditions required for the additive manufacturing of thermoplastics. A cylindrical ring containing 4 heating cartridges is designed to be mounted on the nozzle in order to locally heat the printing plate around the zone of plastic deposition. The heated ring together with the nozzle head, radiates thermally and heats the printing plate with a back and forth movement prior to plastic deposition. Three geometric parameters of the ring, notably the external diameter (De), internal diameter (Di) and the height above the plate (Hp) have been varied. A comparative study is presented to view their effect on the evolution of plate temperature along time. Results show that changing the diameters has a more profound effect on the temperature profile of the plate than that of the height (within the distance considered).