Subsurface Flow Module Updates

For users of the Subsurface Flow Module, COMSOL Multiphysics® version 5.2a brings a new Poroelasticity interface, Gravity feature, and Flownet plot type. Review all of the Subsurface Flow Module updates in detail below.

New Poroelasticity Interface

There is a new Poroelasticity multiphysics coupling between Solid Mechanics and Darcy’s Law. When adding a Poroelasticity interface in COMSOL Multiphysics® version 5.2a, these two separate physics interfaces and the multiphysics coupling, as a series of nodes, are created. This gives you access to all functionality available in the constituent interfaces. As an example, you can now model poroplasticity by adding a Soil Plasticity node in the Solid Mechanics interface.

Application Library path for an example that uses the new Poroelasticity interface: Subsurface_Flow_Module/Flow_and_Solid_Deformation/multilateral_well

Gravity Feature

A Gravity feature is now available for the Darcy's Law, Richards' Equation, and Fracture Flow interfaces. A volume force equal to is added on all domains where the fluid flow interface is active and a Gravity feature appears in the model tree.

Two formulations are available to specify Darcy's velocity field under gravity: Acceleration of gravity (default), and Elevation.

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New Flownet Plot

The Richards' Equation interface in 2D and 2D axisymmetric geometries now generates a Flownet 2D plot group by default. This plot combines a streamline plot for Darcy's velocity field and a contour plot for the pressure head variable.

Application Library path for an example that uses the new Flownet plot type: Subsurface_Flow_Module/Solute_Transport/pesticide_transport