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Title: Missing or incomplete documentation
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Problem Description

When I use the COMSOL helpdesk, I cannot see the documentation for all or some items. I only see white pages or a See also: statement which does not make much sense to me.

Another symptom is "Topic not found" in the dynamic help when I start the program from scratch.


There are two steps to fix the documentation

  1. Update to the latest release of COMSOL, available for download here.

  2. In some rare cases when you only see white pages, step 1 will not help. If that is the case, try the following:

The help system in COMSOL Multiphysics uses a web server component. By default, this web server’s host address is set to, the standard IPv4 IP address for localhost, while the port number is dynamically assigned for each COMSOL session. The defaults work for most systems, but you can modify them if you have problems:

  • Find the comsol.ini file in the bin/ directory under the COMSOL installation directory. The installation directory is typically C:\COMSOL4X or C:\Program Files\COMSOL\COMSOL4X where X is the last part of the COMSOL version number.
  • To change the help server address for localhost from the default value, edit comsol.ini in a text editor and add the line


where host_address is the address for localhost on your local machine. Similarly, to specify the port number, add the line


where port_number is the port number.

Contact your IT administrator to find out proper values for host_address and port_number.

If the two steps above do not solve the problem, change the Preferences settings to use a regular web browser instead of COMSOL's internal (integrated) browser.
To open the Preferences dialog box:

  • From Version 4.4 and for Windows users: From the File menu, select Preferences. You can also customize the Quick Access Toolbar and then click the button.
  • Version 4.3b and earlier and V 4.4 cross-platform (Mac and Linux) users: From the main menu select Options>Preferences.

Then, under General, change the Help mode to Web browser.


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