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Here you will find presentations given at COMSOL Conferences around the globe. The presentations explore the innovative research and products designed by your peers using COMSOL Multiphysics. Research topics span a wide array of industries and application areas, including the electrical, mechanical, fluid, and chemical disciplines. Use the Quick Search to find presentations pertaining to your application area.

Calculating the Fatigue Crack Initiation in Machine Parts under Random Multiaxial Loading

A. Nieslony[1], and C.M. Sonsino[2]
[1] Opole University of Technology, Department of Mechanics and Machine Design, Opole, Poland
[2] Fraunhofer-Institut für Betriebsfestigkeit und Systemzuverlässigkeit LBF, Darmstadt

The authors present a method for estimating fatigue life due to crack initiation using FEM under multiaxial random loading. The proposed method uses the multiaxial fatigue failure criteria based on the critical plane concept. Damages were determined with the spectral method from power spectral density (PSD) function of the equivalent stress history. The authors used linear-elastic ...

FE-Modelling of Induction Tool Responses

J.B. Stoll
ANTARES Datensysteme GmbH, Geophysik, Stuhr

This paper describes the most common methods used to construct numerical models for induction borehole tool responses. Numerical methods are efficient for studying 2D and 3D problems. To illustrate the use of the finite element method in resistivity modelling, an axisymmetric finte element modelling of a 2-coil and 4 coil induction tool response is discussed.

Two-Dimensional, Non-Isothermal, Two-Phase Flow inside the Gas Diffusion Layer Unit of the Polymer-Electrolyte-Membrane Fuel Cell

C. Siegel
Universität Luxemburg, Facultät STC/Elektrotechnik, Luxemburg

A two-dimensional, non-isothermal, two-phase flow model of a porous cathode gas diffusion layer of a polymerelectrolyte- membrane fuel cell is presented and solved numerically using computational fluid dynamics coding and sequentially solver scripting. The model accounts for multicomponent species diffusion, phase change and water transport. The heat transfer is investigated for the fluids ...

Moving Meshes for Electromagnets

H. Biller
Continental Teves AG & Co. oHG, Elektronische Brems- und Sicherheitssysteme, Frankfurt

The main design goals for electromagnetic actuators are force, dynamic behaviour, and energy efficiency. In the development of valves for electronic brake systems at Continental Automotive Systems, COMSOL multiphysics is used in order to assess all three aspects. For instance, the response to a voltage step involves the calculation of time-dependent magnetic fields, of eddy currents, and of ...

Numerical Simulation of Electromagnetic-wave Propagation for Land Mine Detection using Ground Penetrating Radar

M.A. González-Huici[1], U. Uschkerat[1], and A. Hördt[2]
[1] FGAN e.V., FHR, Wachtberg;
[2] TU Braunschweig, Institut für Geophysik und extraterrestrische Physik, Braunschweig

This paper examines numerically the imaging of buried land mines, modelled as small abnormalities imbedded in an otherwise uniform media, using ultrawide-band (UWB) time domain radar. Herein, we carry out our system modelling, and simulate high frequency electromagnetic wave propagation in different media and near field scattering from interfaces and objects. The simulations are computed ...

Implementation of Structural Topology Optimization in COMSOL

B. Lemke, Z. Liu, and J.G. Korvink
IMTEK, Lehrstuhl Simulation, Freiburg im Breisgau

Structural topology optimization is an important research topic to improve the performance of the mechanical design. We show how to use COMSOL as an integration environment to implement structural topology optimization using the density method and the level set method.

The Flow of a Thin liquid Film Past a Cylinder

M. Sellier
Fraunhofer ITWM, Kaiserslautern

This paper presents a numerical study of the flow of a thin liquid film past a circular cylinder. It is investigated in the framework of the lubrication approximation and the corresponding governing equations, formulated in a weak form, are solved in the COMSOL environment. The effect of the diameter of the circular cylinder on the shape of the free surface is explored and potentially ...

Simulation of Evaporating Droplets on AFM-Cantilevers II: Confocal Microscopy and Transversal Bending

T. Haschke[1], E. Bonaccurso[2], H.J. Butt[2], F. Schönfeld[3], and W. Wiechert[1]
[1] Universität Siegen, Lehrstuhl für Simulationstechnik, Siegen
[2] Max-Planck-Institut für Polymerforschung, Mainz
[3] Institut für Mikrotechnik Mainz GmbH, Mainz

The evaporation process of microscopic drops was investigated by depositing them onto atomic force microscope (AFM) cantilevers and measuring the deflection of the cantilever in response to the presence of the drop. We could thus improve a previously presented FE simulation model by comparing the simulations of the cantilever’s transversal deflection to 3-D images of the cantilever’s ...

Thermal and Electrical Investigation of Power Bus Cables for Industrial Applications

H. P. Schmidt
FH Amberg-Weiden, EI, Amberg

In materials handling decentralized automation is widely applied. Loads like variable speed drives are not radially fed but connected to a power bus. Furthermore power and data might be transmitted within one single cable. Here the need for thermal and electrical simulations arises.A model is derived to calculate the ampacity for various operating conditions and COMSOL is applied to determine ...

Simulation and in-situ Investigation of the Water Transport in the Porous Layers of Hydrogen Operated PEM Fuel Cells

C. Ziegler, T. Heilmann, and J. Hermann
Fraunhofer Institut für Solare Energiesysteme, Freiburg

Water management is one of the most important issues of current research in the field of proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs). Understanding the transport of liquid water in the fuel cell is necessary for the optimization of the design and the control of PEMFCs. This paper presents a mathematical model that describes the dynamic two-phase transport and the experimentally observed ...

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