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Here you will find presentations given at COMSOL Conferences around the globe. The presentations explore the innovative research and products designed by your peers using COMSOL Multiphysics. Research topics span a wide array of industries and application areas, including the electrical, mechanical, fluid, and chemical disciplines. Use the Quick Search to find presentations pertaining to your application area.

Optimal Electrical Design of Spherical Photovoltaic Cells

A.M. Morega, J.C. Ordonez, P.A. Negoias, M. Morega, and R. Hovsapian

This paper reports the optimization results of the new generation of honeycomb spherical photovoltaic cells (SPVC) with respect to the series electrical resistance. The electrical potential (voltage) distribution is found by numerically integrating the mathematical model of the DC current distribution within the SPVC. --------------------------------- Keynote speaker's ...

Selected Magnetostatic Analysis of 3 Coils Active Magnetic Bearing

A. Pilat
AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland

A two dimensional model of a three-coil Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) is considered where effects associated with stator and shaft lengths are omitted. The performed analysis plays an important role in the design procedures of AMB and helps in the verification of the construction assumptions.

Simulation of Electromagnetic Shielding in the COMSOL Multiphysics Environment

J. Cuntala
Department of Mechatronics and Electronics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Žilina

The paper presents results of energy radiation from a point source, which is situated in a metal case with a quadrangular opening. The opening is shielded with a transparent metal grid to prevent the leakage of electromagnetic field. The cases with and without the grid are simulated.

Poisson Based Modeling of DC and AC Electroosmosis in Microfluidic Channels

M. Pribyl, and D. Snita
Department of Chemical Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague

Two mathematical models of the electrokinetic flow are presented where the electroosmotic flow is induced by the interaction of a surface electric charge with a perpendicularly imposed electric field. In order to solve such problems, an anisotropic mesh of rectangular finite elements is developed. Stationary distributions of the model variables are computed for various sets of model ...

FE Model of Thermo-Mechanical Interaction in Rubber Blocks under Dynamic Cyclic Stress

L. Pešek
Petr Šulc Institute of Thermomechanics

In this paper, we investigate the feedback thermo-mechanical interaction in a pre-pressed rubber block used for resilient elements of composed tram wheels. The structural motion and heat conduction equations are solved interactively as a time-dependent problem. The equality of heat energy density and dissipation energy density realizes the coupling between the equations. The dissipation ...

Effect of Dielectric Barriers on the Electric Field of Rod-Plane Air Gap

A. Kara, Ö. Kalenderli, and K. Mardikyan
Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

The rod-plane gap is extensively used for studies on the breakdown characteristics of gases. In this study, influence of a dielectric barrier on the electric field and potential distributions in a vertically arranged rod-plane gap was numerically analysed by using the finite element method. Maximum field in the gap was examined for different gap distances, size and material of the ...

Estimation of Flow Speed and Pressure Distribution in a Fishing Trawl Cod-End

L. Meyler
Baltic State Fishing Fleet Academy, Kaliningrad, Russia

Flow speeds and pressures distribution in/around a fishing net structures is caused by strong influences of hydrodynamic fields on the shape of trawl elements, acting forces, fish behavior and, finally, on catchability of fishing gears. This paper presents a way to describe these phenomena, by use of COMSOL Multiphysics.

Flow Analysis for a Sorghum Brewing Fermentation Process

T.A. Owosina
Simulo Technologies, Lagos, Nigeria

A qualitative flow analysis by numerical simulation of a fermentation process in a sorghum factory is presented. The simulations were done with the Numerical modeling software, COMSOL Multiphysics. Several flow arrangements were considered in the study and as a result, optimized flow configurations were evolved.

Heat Transfer in Ferrofluid in Channel with Porous Walls

T. Strek
Institute of Applied Mechanics, Poznan University of Technology, Poland

The viscous, two-dimensional, incompressible and laminar time dependent heat transfer flow through a ferromagnetic fluid is considered in this paper. Flow takes place in channel between two porous walls under the influence of the magnetic dipole located beyond the channel. Results are obtained using standard computational fluid dynamics code in COMSOL with modifications to account for ...

Electromagnetic Resistance

G. Cibira
Akadémia ozbrojených síl, Liptovský Mikuláš

Both electromagnetic and thermal energy have influences on composite electronic machines. COMSOL Multiphysics has the tools for non-destructive EMC valuation. Simulated microwave owen and TEM models were field tested and the simulated results are comparable with real measurements.

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