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1127: Improving convergence in nonlinear time dependent models

My time dependent model solves without any problem as long as I use only linear materials. How can I get it to converge with a nonlinear material?   When a time dependent solver has trouble converging, its default...
Version: 4.2 - Platform: All Platforms

1103: Frequency-dependent meshing

I am solving a wave equation over a wide range of frequencies. At the highest frequencies, I need a very fine mesh in order to resolve the wavelength. For lower frequencies, I am happy with a coarser mesh. How do...
Version: 4.1,4.2 - Platform: All Platforms

951: How do I calculate the capacitance matrix of a multiconductor system?

I have set up a model of a number of conductors. How can I compute all the entries of the multiconductor capacitance matrix? Capacitance, inductance, impedance etc are examples of so-called lumped parameters, which can...
Version: 4.2a - Platform: All Platforms