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1213: Manually setup the geometric multigrid solver

The geometric multigrid solver accelerates the convergence of the iterative solver by solving the finite element problem on a series of meshes rather than a single one. The multigrid algorithm starts with the initial...
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1168: The New Hover-and-Click Selection Method in COMSOL 4.4 and COMSOL 5.0

How can I select interior surfaces in my geometry in COMSOL 4.4 and above? The new way of selecting geometry objects or geometric entities in COMSOL 4.4 (and later versions) is a one-click selection. To select...
Version: 4.4,5.0,5.1 - Platform: All Platforms

1118: Resolving time-dependent waves

I am solving a time-dependent wave problem, but the solution does not look quite right. I was expecting a smooth propagating waveform but see mostly noise. The accuracy in a model solving an equation for...
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