Red Blood Cell Separation using Magnetophoresis

Application ID: 12847

Particle Tracing is used in conjunction with magnetic fields and pressure-driven microfluidic flow to calculate the separation of red blood cells from blood plasma using magnetophoresis. An array of soft iron rectangles on either side of a microfluidics channel modifies the magnetic field induced by a pair of neodymium permanent magnets. The resulting strong gradients in the magnetic field produce a magnetophoretic force perpendicular to the flow channel which is used to separate red blood cells from blood plasma. Cell motion in this example hinges on small deviations from permeability equal to one. Here it is slightly below one (thus diamagnetic) Changing blood oxygenation changes this and changes the particle motion. This model is based on the paper by Schiavone, Kavanagh and Desmulliez presented at the COMSOL Conference 2009 in Milan (model DB 7134)