COMSOL Conference 2017 User Presentations

Over 150 presentations on multiphysics simulation will be given at the conference by COMSOL Multiphysics users. By attending these sessions, you can connect with your colleagues and learn from their experiences. This year's program includes application specific Panel Discussions as well as a grand Poster Session.

MEMS and Nanotechnology 1

Session Chair: Michael Godfrin, NanoSoft October 5th, 1:00PM - 2:30PM Salon H

A Numerical Heat Transfer Analysis on an Implantable Phase-Change Actuated Peristaltic Micropump

F. Forouzandeh 1 ,  D. A. Borkholder 1

1 Rochester Institute of Technology,  Rochester,  NY,  USA

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Coupling QC, MTS-MD, and DPD with Molecular Theory of Solvation in a Framework of Multiscale Methods

A. Kovalenko 1, 2

1 University of Alberta,  Edmonton,  AB,  Canada
2 National Institute for Nanotechnology,  Edmonton,  AB,  Canada

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Modeled Electroformed MEMS Variable Capacitors for Cobalt Iron Alloy Magnetostriction Measurements

E. Langlois 1 ,  P. Finnegan 1 ,  J. Pillars 1 ,  T. Monson 1 ,  C. J. Pearce 1 ,  C. St. Johns 1 ,  M. Ballance 1

1 Sandia National Laboratories,  Albuquerque,  NM,  USA

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Modeling and Simulation of Mechanically Coupled MEMS Resonators Using COMSOL Multiphysics®

J. Wiswell 1 ,  M. Guvench 1

1 University of Southern Maine,  Gorham,  ME,  USA

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Multiphysics Modeling of Heat Transfer During Fiber Drawing

K. Koppenhoefer 1 ,  J. Thomas 1 ,  L. Gritter 1 ,  J. S. Crompton 1 ,  T. Tower 2

1 AltaSim Technologies,  Columbus,  OH,  USA
2 Kimberly-Clark,  Inc.,  Neenah,  WI,  USA

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Nanofluidic Analyte Preconcentration Using Fluid Field-Effect Diodes

A. Eden 1 ,  K. Scida 1 ,  J. C. T. Eijkel 2 ,  C. D. Meinhart 1 ,  S. Pennathur 1

1 University of California,  Santa Barbara,  CA,  USA
2 University of Twente,  Enschede,  Netherlands

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