Simulate real-world designs, devices, and processes with multiphysics software from COMSOL.
General-purpose simulation software based on advanced numerical methods.
Fully coupled multiphysics and single-physics modeling capabilities.
Complete modeling workflow, from geometry to results evaluation.
User-friendly tools for building and deploying simulation apps.
Understand, Predict, Innovate, Optimize

About the COMSOL Product Suite

The COMSOL Multiphysics® software brings a user interface and experience that is always the same, regardless of engineering application and physics phenomena.

Add-on modules provide specialized functionality for electromagnetics, structural mechanics, acoustics, fluid flow, heat transfer, and chemical engineering. Choose from a list of LiveLink™ products to interface directly with CAD and other third-party software. Deploy simulation applications with COMSOL Compiler™ and COMSOL Server™.

COMSOL Multiphysics®

Create physics-based models and simulation applications with this software platform. The Model Builder enables you to combine multiple physics in any order for simulations of real-world phenomena. The Application Builder gives you the tools to build your own simulation apps. The Model Manager is a modeling and simulation management tool.

COMSOL Compiler™

Compile apps into standalone executable files that can be run by anyone, anywhere.

COMSOL Server™

Manage and distribute your organization's apps and run them via web browser or thin client.

Get to Know COMSOL

At COMSOL, we develop mathematical modeling software that drives new breakthroughs in physics and engineering — and we love what we do.

Our mission is to provide easy-to-use software solutions to engineering problems and to help our users get the most out of our products. We envision sustaining and reinforcing our position as a leading provider and developer of mathematical modeling software. We also aim to make our technology the primary tool for engineers, researchers, and lecturers within the fields of education and high-tech product development.

Quick Facts

  • Founded in 1986
  • 16 offices and a distributor network throughout the world
  • 500+ employees globally
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Latest News

A close-up of a model showing currents on the surface of capacitor plates and wires as well as the magnetic field in the space in between.
Solving the Two-Capacitor Paradox with COMSOL Multiphysics®
March 2024
A close-up of a cylindrical battery model showing the temperature throughout the bottom half of the battery in pink and purple and the flow beneath the battery in blue streamlines.
Defining Load Cycles in Battery Models
January 2024
A video poster that says Keynote Talk Biopharma R&D.
Onboarding a CAE Department in Biopharma R&D
January 2024
A close-up of a model of high-Mach-number flow.
Release Announcement: COMSOL Multiphysics® Version 6.2
November 2023
A close-up of a model of a liquid-cooled battery pack.
Multiphysics Modeling and Standalone Simulation Apps Drive Innovation
November 2023
A close-up image of a model of a cabin with a person sleeping and a mosquito trap above their bed.
Do Mosquito Traps Really Work? Observing Their Effectiveness with Particle Tracing
October 2023
A close-up screenshot of the HETT22 simulation app.
Bringing Multiphysics Simulation to Construction Sites
September 2023
The internal temperature distribution of an apple, shown in the Rainbow color table.
Forecasting Fruit Freshness with Simulation Apps
September 2023
A model of a microfluidic device with an RNA strand illustration in the background.
Veryst Uses Simulation to Guide mRNA Vaccine Production
August 2023
A close-up of acoustic pressure on the surface of a small smart speaker.
Modeling the Acoustic Response of a Small Smart Speaker
July 2023
A close-up of a simulation result plot showing the electric potential surrounding a grid structure.
INFICON Develops Precision Ion Gauge for HV/UHV Environments
June 2023
Two screenshots of the Learning Center.
COMSOL Launches Open-Access Learning Center for Multiphysics Modeling
June 2023
A close-up of the pressure distributions in a simulation of a microchannel flow field.
Toyota Puts Hydrogen Fuel Cell Development in High Gear
April 2023
A close-up of a simulation mesh of a femur and a surrounding block.
Generating a Mesh From Scanned Data
April 2023
A close-up view of the AURORA server and 6 of its simulation apps.
Teaching Superconductivity with Simulation Apps
March 2023
A three-dimensional model of a hopping hopping hoop.
Investigating the Hopping Hoop Problem with Multibody Dynamics Models
March 2023
A video poster that says Version 6.1: Summary of Major News with a mixer model next to it.
View On-Demand: Introduction to COMSOL Multiphysics® Version 6.1
January 2023
A close-up view of the total power dissipation density in a nonisothermal PEM fuel cell model.
Exploring Four Fuel Cell Modeling Examples
January 2023
A close-up of a plasma model that simulates electron energy distribution function (EEDF).
Introduction to Modeling Plasma in COMSOL Multiphysics®
December 2022
A close-up of a simulation image of a pteropod amid calcite grains in the seafloor sediment.
Utrecht University Researches Calcium Carbonate Seashell Dissolution with Simulation
November 2022
A close-up of a slice plot showing the effect that opening a door in a manufacturing facility has on airflow.
The MTC Develops a Simulation App that Empowers Factory Staff
November 2022
A close-up of a series-fed microstrip patch antenna array model.
Version 6.1 Strengthens the Foundation of COMSOL Multiphysics®
November 2022
A video poster that says Inside Look: Urban Planning and Simulation with a simulation model and rainwater management system behind it.
Designing a Multifunctional Rainwater Drainage System with Simulation
September 2022
A closeup view of an optimized topology design for an acoustics-structure interaction problem.
Developing a Topology Optimization Framework with the COMSOL API and LiveLink™ for MATLAB®
September 2022
A model of a high-NA lens is shown on the left and a full-wave simulation of the lens is shown on the right.
Modeling Applications of Optics with the Spatial FFT Feature
September 2022
A model of the sound field produced by a turbine at 250 Hz.
Xi Engineering Analyzes the Acoustic Impact of Tidal Turbines on Harbor Seals
July 2022
A wave optics simulation of the field distribution in the Penrose unilluminable room.
Exploring the Penrose Unilluminable Room via Ray Optics and Wave Optics Simulations
June 2022
A video poster that says How It Works: Electromagnetics Brainteaser with a signal propagation model behind it.
New Video: How to Set Up a Transient Model of Signal Propagation
May 2022
A close-up of five height plots showcasing a variety of Gauss point data.
An In-Depth Guide to Evaluating Stress Quantities in COMSOL Multiphysics®
May 2022
A close-up screenshot of the Model Manager server asset management system open to a model of a piezoelectric tonpilz transducer, which features a caption below it and a title and description to the right of it.
The Model Manager Server Completes the Working Environment for Modeling and Simulation Projects
April 2022
A model showing the electromagnetic scattering of a silver prolate spheroid.
Investigating the Electromagnetic Scattering of a Prolate Spheroid
April 2022
A model showing a full vibroacoustic analysis of a loudspeaker’s driver, cabinet, and stand.
Event Series Focusing on Acoustics Simulation Announced for Spring 2022
April 2022
A satellite image of a floating portion of the Nioghalvfjerdsbræ glacier calved into many separate icebergs.
Alfred Wegener Institute Forecasts Glacier Ice Loss with Viscoelastic Modeling
April 2022
A video poster that says Keynote Talk High-Speed Digital Connectors.
Signal Microwave Relies on RF Modeling for Product Development
April 2022
A desktop computer showing the COMSOL Multiphysics UI with a corrosion model in the Graphics window.
Four Keynote Speakers Announced for COMSOL Day: Oil & Gas
March 2022
Two cylindrical lithium-ion battery cell models, shown side by side.
Exploring a New Tabless Design for Cylindrical Lithium-Ion Batteries
March 2022
A model of a square loop of wire, sitting within a spherical domain.
Defining and Computing Total and Partial Inductance with COMSOL® Version 6.0
March 2022
A video poster that says Version 6.0: Summary of Major News with a solar panel model next to it.
View On-Demand: Introduction to COMSOL Multiphysics® Version 6.0
February 2022
A man wearing a hardhat and uniform standing inside of a sand-filled heat storage vessel.
Polar Night Energy Designs a Sand-Based Heat Storage System
February 2022
A figure showcasing the illumination from a sphere onto two blocks that shadow each other.
Introduction to Radiative Heat Transfer Modeling
February 2022
A model image displaying the electromagnetic density in and around an electrical circuit over time.
Addressing a Misconception About Electricity with Simulation
January 2022
A model showing thermal effects inside of a DC link capacitor design.
Bosch Designs Three-Phase Inverters and DC Link Capacitors with Simulation
December 2021
A model showing deformation in a movable waveguide support structure.
Researchers at EPFL Optimize the Performance of a Silicon Photonic MEMS Phase Shifter
December 2021
A closeup view of the Model Manager.
Release Announcement: COMSOL Multiphysics® Version 6.0
December 2021
A closeup view of the AKVO casing and cartridge.
Eden Tech Designs a Miniaturized Wastewater Treatment Plant for Micropollutant Degradation
October 2021
An aerial photo of The Delta Works with the COMSOL News logo overlaid in the bottom-right corner.
Free Download: COMSOL News 2021
September 2021
A cluster of turbines in an offshore wind farm on the open ocean and under a cloudy sky.
Analyzing Subsea Cable Designs for Offshore Wind Power with Numerical Modeling
September 2021
An RFID tag model on a dark blue background.
The Use of Simulation in the Biomedical Industry Is Growing
September 2021
A parametric simulation app used to analyze an engine mount automotive component.
Advancing Automotive Product Development with Simulation Apps
September 2021
Abstract representations of fluid flow.
Understanding the Operation of Ultrahigh Vacuum Systems with Simulation
August 2021
An urban green screen with a meadow in the foreground.
Urban Rooftop Drainage System Inside a Garden Fence
July 2021
A busbar model in COMSOL Multiphysics.
How to Link COMSOL Graphics to Microsoft® PowerPoint®
July 2021
Pressure, stress, and damage evolution in fractured rocks.
New Method for Fully Coupled Hydromechanical Modeling of Fractured Media
July 2021
A closeup view of model of a yellow cylinder representing a wire.
Do Voltage and Ground Exist?
June 2021
A closeup view of a stent model.
8 Uses of COMSOL® in the Biomedical Industry
June 2021
Fluid flow around a sports car shown in blue and yellow.
Simulating Wind Load on the Side Door and Mirror of a Sports Car
May 2021
A solid mechanics model showing plane stress in rainbow.
Plane Stress and Plane Strain, Explained
May 2021
A PEM electrolyzer model in teal and violet.
Modeling Two-Phase Flow in a PEM Electrolyzer
May 2021
CFD simulation of an Ernietta organism with flow shown in rainbow.
CFD Analysis Helps Team Understand Feeding Behavior of Ancient Organisms
May 2021
A simulation of a heart valve.
New Topology Optimization Method for FSI
May 2021
The cover of COMSOL News Biomedical with a heart pump.
Free Download: COMSOL News Special Edition Biomedical
May 2021
The test site setup of a water turbine prototype.
Physixfactor and Water2Energy Develop Efficient, Fish-Friendly Water Turbine
April 2021
Earth with the inner core exposed and seismic waves shown in light blue.
Understanding Seismic Waves
April 2021
A model of a rapid detection test.
Modeling a Rapid Detection Test
April 2021
A close-up view of a cavity filter model with partial transparency to reveal the EM field inside.
Designing Cavity Filters for 5G Devices with Multiphysics Modeling
April 2021
The Tech Briefs 2020 Product of the Year logo.
COMSOL Multiphysics® Wins Tech Briefs Readers' Choice Product of the Year
April 2021
Flow around a car shown in a rainbow color table.
NJIT Brings Lab Courses to Remote Learning Students with Simulation Apps
March 2021
White COMSOL Days logo on a dark blue background and light red and teal triangles.
New COMSOL Day Events Added for 2021
March 2021
The sound from an immersive home audio system is shown bouncing up into the ceiling and then down onto a listener sitting on a couch.
Dolby Laboratories Develop Immersive Home Audio Technology
January 2021
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