COMSOL Conference 2017 User Presentations

Over 150 presentations on multiphysics simulation will be given at the conference by COMSOL Multiphysics users. By attending these sessions, you can connect with your colleagues and learn from their experiences. This year's program includes application specific Panel Discussions as well as a grand Poster Session.

Heat Transfer

Session Chair: Michael Crowell, Oak Ridge National Laboratory October 5th, 2:45PM - 4:15PM Commonwealth Ballroom 4

Analysis and Validation of Heat Transfer of Nuclear Material in the FBNR Reactor

J. C. Almachi 1 ,  J. Montenegro 1 ,  A. Portilla 2 ,  J. Pilliza 3 ,  E. Bone 1 ,  C. Pinto 1 ,  W. Paucar 1

1 Departamento de Formación Básica,  Escuela Politécnica Nacional,  Quito,  Ecuador
2 Departamento de transferencia de Calor,  Ingeniería Mecánica,  Escuela Politécnica Nacional,  Quito,  Ecuador
3 Instituto Tecnológico Central Técnico,  Quito,  Ecuador

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Multiphysics Simulation Applications

J. S. Crompton 1

1 AltaSim Technologies,  Columbus,  OH,  USA

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Radiofrequency Ablation and Its Effect on Heat Generation on Ground Pads

J. J. Barrett 1 ,  M. Brown 1, 2

1 Halyard Health,  Alpharetta,  GA,  USA
2 Georgia Institute of Technology,  Atlanta,  GA,  USA

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The APP as a Tool, A First Principles Approach

R. W. Pryor1

1 Pryor Knowledge Systems,  Inc.,  Bloomfield Hills,  MI,  USA

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Thermal Modeling of MOCVD Reactor

J. L. Ebert 1 ,  S. Ghosal 1 ,  N. Acharya 1

1 SC Solutions,  Inc.,  Sunnyvale,  CA,  USA

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Thermal-Fluid-Structural Stress Analysis of the High Flux Isotope Reactor’s Outer Reflector

M. W. Crowell1

1Oak Ridge National Laboratory,  Oak Ridge,  TN,  USA

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