COMSOL Conference 2017 User Presentations

Over 150 presentations on multiphysics simulation will be given at the conference by COMSOL Multiphysics users. By attending these sessions, you can connect with your colleagues and learn from their experiences. This year's program includes application specific Panel Discussions as well as a grand Poster Session.

Poster Session

3D Unsteady CFD with Heat and Mass Transfer Simulations of Solar Adsorption Cooling System for Buildings

W. Yaici 1 ,  E. Entchev 1 ,  J. Ranisau 1

1 CanmetENERGY Research Centre,  Natural Resources Canada,  Ottawa,  ON,  Canada

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A Computational Study of Stoichiometry Sensitivity of a PEM Fuel Cell with Multi-Parallel Flow Channels

M. A. Rahman 1 ,  J. M. Mora 2 ,  P. A. Chuang 1

1 School of Engineering,  University of California,  Merced,  CA,  USA
2 University of the Philippines - Diliman,  Quezon City,  Philippines

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A Multiphysics Model of O2 Transport and Recirculation During Venovenous Extracorporeal Life Support

S. Conrad 1

1 Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center,  Shreveport,  LA,  USA

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A Phase Field Model for Lithium Ion Battery Particles

R. Painter 1 ,  L. Sharpe 2 ,  S. K. Hargrove 2

1 Department of Civil Engineering,  Tennessee State University,  Nashville,  TN,  USA
2 Department of Mechanical Engineering,  Tennessee State University,  Nashville,  TN,  USA

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A Simple Particle Saltation Model Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

A. Landázuri 1 ,  V. Benavides 1

1 Chemical Engineering Department,  GICAS Group,  Universidad San Francisco de Quito,  Quito,  Ecuador

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Air-Water-Foam Mix Chamber for Fire Protection of Fossil Fuel Containers: Modeling and Optimization

S. Hidrobo 1 ,  A. X. Jerves 1 ,  A. Landazuri 1 ,  S. D. Ballen 1

1 Universidad San Francisco de Quito,  Quito,  Ecuador

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An Evaluation of CO2 Sequestration in Organic-Rich Shales Using COMSOL Multiphysics®

R. Barati 1 ,  S. Cudjoe 1

1 University of Kansas,  Lawrence,  KS,  USA

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An Examination of Wall Shear Stresses in Curved Arterial Vessels Using Bioresorbable Stents

D. W. Pepper 1 ,  S. Pirbastami 1

1 University of Nevada - Las Vegas,  Las Vegas,  NV,  USA

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Analysis and Validation of Heat Transfer of Nuclear Material in the FBNR Reactor

J. C. Almachi 1 ,  J. Montenegro 1 ,  A. Portilla 2 ,  J. Pilliza 3 ,  E. Bone 1 ,  C. Pinto 1 ,  W. Paucar 1

1 Departamento de Formación Básica,  Escuela Politécnica Nacional,  Quito,  Ecuador
2 Departamento de transferencia de Calor,  Ingeniería Mecánica,  Escuela Politécnica Nacional,  Quito,  Ecuador
3 Instituto Tecnológico Central Técnico,  Quito,  Ecuador

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Broadband Polarization-Independent and Wide-Angle Metasurface for Radar Cross Section Reduction

A. Vora 1 ,  S. Joshi 2 ,  D. Guney 1

1 Michigan Technological University,  Houghton,  MI,  USA
2 Touro College,  New York,  NY,  USA

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Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling of Geothermal Membrane Distillation

C. Rivera 1 ,  C. Sanchez 1 ,  J. Paiz 1 ,  M. Troyer 1 ,  F. Huang 1

1 Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering,  New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology,  Socorro NM,  USA

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COMSOL Multiphysics® Implementation of a Genetic Algorithm Routine for Optimization of Flat Optics

B. Adomanis 1 ,  M. Marciniak 1

1 Air Force Institute of Technology,  Wright-Patterson AFB,  OH,  USA

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COMSOL® Analysis for Duct Acoustic

M. M. Ghulam 1 ,  E. J. Gutmark 1

1 Aerospace Department,  University of Cincinnati,  Cincinnati,  OH,  USA

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Design of a Nucleic Acid Biosensor Using COMSOL Multiphysics®

L. Velmanickam 1 ,  D. Nawarathna 1

1 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,  North Dakota State University,  Fargo,  ND,  USA

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Dynamic Simulation of a Polymer Molecule Using COMSOL Multiphysics®: DNA Separation in a Microchannel

J. Park 1 ,  S. Monjezi 1 ,  M. Palaniappan 1 ,  J. D. Jones 1 ,  B. Behdani 1

1 Missouri University of Science and Technology,  Rolla,  MO,  USA

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Effect of Mass Flow Induced by a Reciprocating Paddle on Electroplating

M. Fukukawa 1 ,  L. Tong 1

1 Keisoku Engineering System Co. Ltd.,  Tokyo,  Japan

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Electroceutical Modeling with Advanced COMSOL® Techniques

K. Carlson 1, 2 ,  J. Begnaud 3 ,  J. L. Shils 4 ,  S. Dokos 5 ,  L. Mei 1, 2 ,  J. E. Arle 1, 2

1 Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center,  Boston,  MA,  USA
2 Harvard Medical School,  Boston,  MA,  USA
3 Livanova Neuromodulation,  Houston,  TX,  USA
4 Rush Medical Center,  Chicago,  IL,  USA
5 University of New South Wales,  Sydney,  NSW,  Australia

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Electrochemical Machining with Nonsymmetric Suction of Electrolyte Flow

M. Hashiguchi 1 ,  D. Mi 1

1 Keisoku Engineering System Co. Ltd.,  Tokyo,  Japan

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Evaluation of the Induced Excitation of the Peripheral Vestibular System Using Micro Scale Inductors

S. Mukesh 1 ,  P. Bhatti 1

1 School of Electrical and Computer Engineering,  Georgia Institute of Technology,  Atlanta,  GA,  USA

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Frequency and Electrode Separation Recommendations for EDA Measurements

S. Sridhar 1 ,  T. J. Akl 1

1 Analog Devices Inc.,  Wilmington,  MA,  USA

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Full-wave Simulation of Light Propagation through a Quarter-wave Plate

C. S. Lin 1

1 Pitotech. Co. Ltd.,  Changhua City,  Taiwan

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HIIPER Space Propulsion Simulation Using AC/DC Module

Z. Chen 1 ,  D. Ahern 1 ,  G. Miley 1

1 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,  Urbana,  IL,  USA

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Improved Understanding on Collection of Airborne Particles by Permanent Magnetic Assembly

M. Cheng 1 ,  B. L. Murphy 1 ,  G. M. Ludtka 1 ,  P. Cable-Dunlap 1

1 Oak Ridge National Laboratory,  Oak Ridge,  TN,  USA

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Increasing Dust Removal Efficiency of Electrodynamic Screens Using Frequency Optimization via COMSOL Multiphysics®

C. Morales 1 ,  R. Eriksen 1 ,  M. Horenstein 1 ,  M. Mazumder 1

1 Boston University,  Boston,  MA,  USA

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Loudspeaker Response Optimization with the Aid of Impulse Response

R. Balistreri 1

1 Klipsch Group,  Inc.,  Indianapolis,  IN,  USA

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MHD Electrolyte Flow within an Inter-electrode Gap Driven by a Sinusoidal Electric Field and Constant Magnetic Field

C. Bradley 1 ,  J. Samuel 2

1 Benét Laboratories,  U.S. Army RDECOM-ARDEC,  Watervliet,  NY,  USA
2 Department of Mechanical Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering,  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,  Troy,  NY,  USA

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Microfluidic Simulation of a Separation System of T.cruzi from Blood Samples

S. L. Florez 1 ,  M. J. Noguera 1 ,  A. L. Campaña 1 ,  J. C. Cruz 1 ,  J. F. Osma 2

1 Department of Biomedical Engineering,  University of Los Andes,  Bogotá,  Colombia
2 Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,  Microelectronics Center,  University of Los Andes,  Bogotá,  Colombia

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Modeling Internal Erosion Processes in Soil Pipes

J. L. Nieber 1 ,  G. V. Wilson 2 ,  G. A. Fox 3

1 University of Minnesota,  St. Paul,  MN,  USA
2 United States Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Research Service National Sedimentation Laboratory,  Oxford,  MS,  USA
3 North Carolina State University,  Raleigh,  NC,  USA

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Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization of Piezoelectric Bimorph Transducer for Broadband Vibration Energy Harvesting in Multi-Beam and Trapezoidal Approach

N. Chen 1 ,  V. Bedekar 1

1 Department of Engineering Technology,  Middle Tennessee State University,  Murfreesboro,  TN,  USA

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Nanofluidic Analyte Preconcentration Using Fluid Field-Effect Diodes

A. Eden 1 ,  K. Scida 1 ,  J. C. T. Eijkel 2 ,  C. D. Meinhart 1 ,  S. Pennathur 1

1 University of California,  Santa Barbara,  CA,  USA
2 University of Twente,  Enschede,  Netherlands

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Numerical Analysis and Optimization of a Multi-Mode Interference Based Polarization Beam Splitter

Y. D'Mello 1 ,  E. Elfiky 1 ,  J. Skoric 1 ,  D. Patel 1 ,  D. Plant 1

1 McGill University,  Montréal,  QC,  Canada

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Numerical Analysis of Conjugate Heat Transfer in a Combustion Chamber and Firetubes

K. R. Anderson 1 ,  C. Collizi 2

1 California State Polytechnic University,  Ponoma,  CA,  USA
2 Cryoquip,  Inc.,  Murrieta,  CA,  USA

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Numerical Model Simulation of Impedance Based Control for RF Ablation Using Isolator Synergy Clamp

M. Etheridge 1 ,  R. Lopusnik 1 ,  A. Cates 1

1 AtriCure,  Inc.,  Minnetonka,  MN,  USA

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Numerical Modeling of High Aspect Ratio µPillars at Different Viscosities and Flow Rates

A. Mustafa 1 ,  A. Erten 2 ,  A. Eser 3 ,  A. Cenk Aksu 3 ,  A. Kiraz 1 ,  M. Tanyeri 4 ,  O. Yalcin 3

1 Department of Physics,  Koç University,  Istanbul,  Turkey
2 Department of Electrical Engineering,  Osmaniye University,  Osmaniye,  Turkey
3 Department of Bio Medical Engineering/School of Medicine,  Koç University,  Istanbul,  Turkey
4 Institute of Molecular Engineering,  University of Chicago,  Chicago,  IL,  USA 

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Numerical Modeling of Nanopipettes for Electrophysiology and Imaging

J. Rabinowitz 1

1 Columbia University,  New York,  NY,  USA

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Numerical Simulation of Pool Film Boiling Heat Transfer during Quenching of Heated Cylindrical Rods

S. Ebrahim 1 ,  F. B. Cheung 1 ,  A. Alshayji 2

1 Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering,  Pennsylvania State University,  University Park,  PA,  USA
2 Department of Mechanical Engineering,  College of Engineering and Petroleum,  Kuwait University,  Kuwait

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Radiofrequency Ablation and Its Effect on Heat Generation on Ground Pads

J. J. Barrett 1 ,  M. Brown 1, 2

1 Halyard Health,  Alpharetta,  GA,  USA
2 Georgia Institute of Technology,  Atlanta,  GA,  USA

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RF NEMS Magnetoelectric Sensor Simulation and Demonstration

H. Lin 1 ,  N. Sun 1 ,  N. X. Sun 1

1 W.M. Keck Laboratory for Integrated Ferroics,  ECE Department,  Northeastern University,  Boston,  MA,  USA

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Silicon-Organic-Hybrid Independent Simultaneous Dual-Polarization Modulator: Device Theory and Design

Y. D'Mello 1 ,  M. Hui 1 ,  J. Skoric 1 ,  M. Haines 1 ,  A. Kirk 1 ,  M. Andrews 1 ,  D. Plant 1

1 McGill University,  Montréal,  QC,  Canada

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Simulation Based Characterization of CdS Thin Film Transistor

W. Wondmagegn 1

1 Frostburg State University,  Frostburg,  MD,  USA

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Simulation of a Microwave Applicator for the Treatment of Petroleum Emulsions

A. V. Vazquez 1, 2 ,  P. M. G. Vite 3

1 Universidad Politécnica de Altamira,  Altamira,  Tamaulipas,  México
2 Universidad Tecnológica de Altamira,  Altamira,  Tamaulipas,  México
3 TEC/NM,  Instituto Tecnológico de Ciudad Madero,  Ciudad Madero,  Tamaulipas,  México

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Simulation of Acoustic Wave-Structure Interaction in a Quarter Wavelength Tube Energy Harvester

L. Melander 1 ,  J. H. You 1

1 University of St. Thomas,  St. Paul,  MN,  USA

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Simulation of Molecular Transport of an Electroporated Cell using COMSOL Multiphysics®

J. V. D. Jayasooriya 1 ,  D. Nawarathna 1

1 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,  North Dakota State University,  Fargo,  ND,  USA

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Simulation of Neurotransmitter Sensing by Cyclic Voltammetry under Mechanical Motion of a Neural Electrode

S. Han 1 ,  M. Polanco 2 ,  S. Bawab 2 ,  H. Yoon 1

1 Norfolk State University,  Norfolk,  VA,  USA
2 Old Dominion University,  Norfolk,  VA,  USA

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Simulation Study of High Frequency Pulsed DC Discharges in Nitrogen

L. Tong 1

1 Keisoku Engineering System Co.,  Ltd.,  Tokyo,  Japan

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Study of Rotation of Ellipsoidal Particles in Combined Simple Shear Flow and Magnetic Fields

C. Wang 1 ,  J. Zhang 1

1 Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering,  Missouri University of Science and Technology,  Rolla,  MO,  USA

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The APP as a Tool, A First Principles Approach

R. W. Pryor1

1 Pryor Knowledge Systems,  Inc.,  Bloomfield Hills,  MI,  USA

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Thermal Modeling of MOCVD Reactor

J. L. Ebert 1 ,  S. Ghosal 1 ,  N. Acharya 1

1 SC Solutions,  Inc.,  Sunnyvale,  CA,  USA

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Thermoviscous Acoustics – Piezoelectric Modeling and Simulation of Surface Acoustic Wave Devices

V. M. Dhagat 1 ,  P. Dufilie 2

1 University of Connecticut,  Mansfield,  CT,  USA
2 Phonon Corporation,  Simsbury,  CT,  USA

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Time Dependent Dirac Equation FEM Solutions for Relativistic Quantum Mechanics

A. J. Kalinowski 1

1 Consultant,  East Lyme,  CT,  USA

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Towards Easily Tunable Mid-infrared Surface Plasmon Resonance With Gold Nano-crescent Structures

F. Liu 1

1 St. Mary's Ryken High School,  Leonardtown,  MD,  USA

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Validation of COMSOL Multiphysics® for Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) Flows in Fusion Applications

Y. Yan 1 ,  S. Smolentsev 1 ,  M. Abdou 1

1 Fusion Science and Technology Center,  University of California,  Los Angeles,  CA,  USA

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Virtual Design of a Four-Bed Molecular Sieve for Exploration

T. Giesy 1 ,  R. Coker 1 ,  J. Knox 1 ,  B. O'Connor 1

1 NASA Marshall Space Flight Center,  Huntsville,  AL,  USA

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