Video Tutorial: Create 1D Plots in COMSOL

Bethany Nine | August 28, 2012
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Would you like to plot your own expressions in COMSOL? Have you ever wanted the power to measure parameters from your virtual model at whatever point you’d like, just as you would in a physical model? This new postprocessing tutorial video duo explains how to create 1D plots in COMSOL.

Three example graphs are generated, each demonstrating the versatility of COMSOL’s 1D plotting capabilities, including:

  • Plotting real and imaginary components of complex values simultaneously
  • Plotting results at points and along lines at locations defined by the user
  • Plotting user-defined mathematical expressions
  • Employing a polynomial-preserving method to recover the accuracy of derivatives in plots
  • Adding data point markers to a plot
  • Changing the phase of a frequency domain variable

Enjoy the videos below on how to Create 1D Plots in COMSOL and stay tuned — more postprocessing videos are on the horizon!

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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  1. Malkhaz Meladze December 15, 2014 at 9:50 pm


    Is it possible to create 1D plot with two y-axis on the same graph?
    If this is possible, can we make one axis with a linear scale and another with a logarithmic scale?


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