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MATLAB toolbox for handling 2d and 3d FEM meshes

Thomas Guillod, Personnal account

This MATLAB toolbox offers numerous functionalities for handling 2d and 3d meshes:
- Parse geometry (edge, surface, and volume)
- Plot geometry (edge, surface, volume, normal vector, and tangential vector)
- Assign variables to the vertices of the meshes
- Plot variables (scalar variable and vector field)
- Integrate variables on the meshes (scalar variable and vector field)
- Interpolate variables on the meshes

The toolbox can be used for the following tasks:
- Processing finite element method (FEM) results (e.g. COMSOL)
- Handling geographic information system (GIS) data (e.g. digital elevation model)
- Handling additive manufacturing data (e.g. 3d printing)

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