Software Developer - Optimization

The Position

You will work with the Optimization Module, an add-on product to COMSOL Multiphysics. The company has grown organically, resulting in a monolithic product. The core technology allows for symbolic differentiation of partial differential equations, which gives users significant flexibility. For optimization problems this technology allows for custom objective functions with gradient based optimization.

You will work with the code that binds the user interface together with the optimization algorithms. This will involve maintenance of the existing code and development of new functionality, typically within the field of gradient based optimization. You will work with analysis, specification, implementation in C++/Java, testing and documentation. COMSOL is a large international company, and your team is situated in Stockholm and Boston, but you will be working out of the Danish office, which consists of 13 people. Currently, this includes development and marketing of the LiveLink, Acoustic and Optimization Modules of COMSOL Multiphysics.

Your Profile

You are passionate about problem-solving and desire to go above and beyond in your work. You are flexible, value team work and understand the importance of putting the user center stage. You are not afraid to dig into existing code and make it your own. We are looking for a software developer with the following background:

  • PhD within the field of gradient based optimization.
  • Excellent programming skills.
  • Deep understanding of numerical methods for differential equations.
  • You must be eligible to work in Denmark, but Danish is not a requirement as long as you have excellent English skills.

Meriting skills

  • Larger software projects.
  • Design of interface towards numerical libraries.
  • Design of user interface.


COMSOL is the leading innovator of multiphysics simulation software. Our products are continuously pushing the boundaries of computer aided engineering and what it means to be simulation software. The COMSOL product family gives our users the ability to solve even the most sophisticated and challenging problems. Because we believe in presenting our platform in a manner that is both intuitive and flexible, it is natural and easy for these solutions to reach all stages of research and development, improving discovery and the bottom line. We are creating the tools that drive new breakthroughs in physics and engineering, and we love what we do.

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Reference REF-6061
Job title Software Developer - Optimization
Location Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark

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