Acoustic Liner with a Grazing Background Flow

Application ID: 49841

This model demonstrates how to compute the acoustic properties of an acoustic liner with a grazing flow. The liner consists of eight resonators with thin slits. The background grazing flow is at Mach number 0.3. The sound pressure level above the liner is computed and can be compared to results from a published research paper.

The model first computes the flow using the SST turbulence model available in the CFD Module. The acoustics are then computed using the Linearized Navier-Stokes, Frequency Domain interface of the Acoustics Module.

Reference paper: C.K.W. Tam, N.N. Pastouchenko, M.G. Jones, and W.R. Watson, "Experimental validation of numerical simulations for an acoustic liner in grazing flow: Self-noise and added drag," JSV 333 (2014).

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