Acoustic Mean Free Path in a Room

Application ID: 72491

This model uses the Ray Acoustics interface to extract statistical information about a room.

Two examples of rooms are analyzed:

  1. The staircase from the One-Family House Acoustics tutorial model

  2. A long corridor

The models compute the mean free path as well as the reflection frequency in the room. The temporal evolution of both parameters is also computed.

The mean free path is an important physical parameter when using the Acoustic Diffusion Equation physics interface. The model is set up for pure specular reflections, diffuse scattering, and mixed specular and diffuse conditions. The computed values are compared to the analytical value, 4*V/S, valid for ideal diffuse surfaces.

In the staircase example, the mean free path is also computed in a configuration where a window is open in the staircase.

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