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Acoustics of a Particulate-Filter-Like System

Application ID: 10287

This is the model of the acoustics in a particulate-filter-like system. Real systems, like diesel particulate filters (DPFs), are designed to remove/filter soot (diesel particles) from the exhaust of diesel engine vehicles. The porous medium in such systems are typically structured with long air filled slits/chanels. In this 2D axisymmetric model the filter is approximated with a porous material plug with cylindrical slits. Although the main function of a particulate filter is filtering of the exhaust flow, the filter also has acoustic damping properties which relate to the muffler system.

In this model the acoustic properties of a simplified 2D axisymmetric particulate-filter like geometry are analyzed using the Poroelastic Waves Interface. The poroelastic wave model describes the small-deformation elastic waves propagating in a porous material coupled to waves in a fluid. The model accounts for the coupled displacement and is thus a fluid-structure interaction problem.

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Acoustics Module

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