Atmospheric Pressure Corona Discharge in Air

Application ID: 44311

This tutorial model presents a study of a coaxial DC corona discharge in dry air at atmospheric pressure. The dimensions and operation conditions are similar to ones found in electrostatic precipitators with wire-to-plate configurations. The inner wire electrode has a 100-mm radius and the gap between electrodes is 10 cm.

The model solves the electron and ion continuity and momentum equations in the drift-diffusion approximation, self-consistently coupled with Poisson’s equation. The local field approximation is used, which means that transport and source coefficients are assumed to be well parameterized through the reduced electric field.

The simulations presented are for steady-state regimes, with a sustained discharge and 10's of kV applied to the inner electrode while the exterior electrode is grounded. Emphasis is placed on the charged particles' creation and transport and how that translates into the current-voltage characteristic of the discharge.

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