Car Cabin Acoustics - Frequency Domain Analysis

Application ID: 15013

In this model the acoustics of a car cabin is analyzed in order to study the performance of a sound system in the low to mid frequency range. The cabin is of a typical sedan interior, that is, the inside of a hard-top family car. The model studies the frequency response at the location of a microphone array as well as the modal behavior at low frequencies.

A Thiele-Small representation is used for a generic tweeter and a generic midwoofer speaker. Both a coupled to the acoustic domain using the Lumped Speaker Boundary condition. Simulation is useful when optimizing for speaker locations with respect to mirror sources (sound reflections in the windscreen), damping, for signal processing (DSP) improvement, and other factors.

The model relatively easily solves in the frequency domain up to around 2-3 kHz on a standard desktop computer. The model is solved up to 1 kHz using a direct solver. At 2 kHz and 3 kHz the model is solved with an iterative approach that uses the complex shifted Laplacian method (CSL).

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