Car Cabin Acoustics using Hybrid FEM-Ray Source Coupling

Application ID: 84301

This tutorial model shows how to model car cabin acoustics using a hybrid FEM-ray approach. The particular example is that of a tweeter located in the dashboard of the car near the windscreen.

A FEM based sub-model of the speaker and its immediate surroundings is used to compute a realistic (near-field) source for the ray propagation. The coupling between FEM and ray tracing is done on a surface using the Release from Pressure Field feature. The method is taking the spatial distribution of power and the intensity vector intro account.

The method is not hybrid in the "classical sense" where the low frequency FEM solution is concatenated to the high frequency ray solution. Here the two methods are combined for a detailed source description.

The model compares to a full FEM simulation using the new shifted Laplacian solver as well as a pure ray tracing model where the source is characterized by its far-field characteristics (using the Release from Exterior Field feature).

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