Cavity Flow Noise

Application ID: 105021

Flow over a cavity and the tonal noise generated is a typical flow noise source in piping systems that have valves and other cavities. This tutorial model represents a simple case of cavity flow noise in a ducted system. The model is set up based on an example from Lafon et al.

The current tutorial model shows the steps involved in a flow-induced noise simulation in COMSOL Multiphysics® using functionality from the Acoustics Module and the CFD Module.

It should be noted that the mesh resolution used for the LES flow is not fine enough to resolve all the details of the flow. This choice has been made to ensure that the model can be solved relatively fast on a moderate strength cluster and that the output data is not too large. This in turn means that the simulated acoustic response deviates to some degree from the reference data from Lafon et al.

Reference: P. Lafon, S. Caillaud, J. P. Devos, C. Lambert, "Aeroacoustical coupling in a ducted shallow cavity and fluid/structure effects on a steam line," J. Fluid Struct., 18 (2003).

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