Evaporation of Ethanol and Water from a Wine Glass

Application ID: 108751

During professional wine tasting, several samples of wine are judged in one session. It is important that each sample is covered, since evaporation of ethanol and water will change the taste. This model simulates the evaporation of ethanol and water from a wine glass. Evaporation of multiple species from a nonideal liquid mixture is modeled using the extended Raoult's law. The evaporation induces free convection in the surrounding vapor phase, both due to the change in composition and due to the heat of vaporization. The model is set up in 2D axisymmetry using coupled Laminar Flow, Transport of Concentrated Species, and Heat Transfer in Fluids interfaces. Accurate thermodynamic data is provided by the Thermodynamics functionality. The UNIQUAC model is used for the liquid system combined with the Peng–Robinson cubic equation of state, while the Soave–Redlich–Kwong model is used for the vapor-liquid system.

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