Forced Air Cooling with Heat Sink

Application ID: 22041

Heat sinks are usually benchmarked with respect to their ability to dissipate heat for a given fan curve. One possible way to carry out this type of experiment is to place the heat sink in a rectangular channel with insulated walls.

The temperature and pressure at the channel’s inlet and outlet, as well as the power required to keep the heat sink base at a given temperature, is then measured. Under these conditions, it is possible to estimate the amount of heat dissipated by the heat sink and the pressure loss over the channel.

The purpose of the Forced Air Cooling with Heat Sink app is to carry out investigations of such benchmarking experiments. You can vary the type of heat sink as well as the number of fins or pins and their dimensions to find the optimal design for a given pressure loss over the channel.

Air velocities and heat source rates can be varied and the app solves for nonisothermal flow, assuming turbulence as described by the algebraic yPlus model.

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