Glazing Influence on Thermal Performances of a Window

Application ID: 16075

During the design of a building, environmental issues have gained considerable influence in the entire project. One of the first concerns is to improve thermal performances. In this process, simulation software are key tools to model thermal losses and performances in the building.

The international standard ISO 10077-2:2012 deals with thermal performance of windows, doors and shutters. It provides calculated values of the thermal characteristics of frame profiles in order to validate a simulation software.

COMSOL Multiphysics successfully passes the entire benchmark. This document describes two test cases of ISO 10077-2:2012 related to the glazing influence on thermal performances of a window. Other test cases from this norm are available in the following models:

  • Thermal Performances of Windows; Model ID: 16077
  • Thermal Performances of Roller Shutters; Model ID: 16073

This model example illustrates applications of this type that would nominally be built using the following products: