Helical Static Mixer

Application ID: 30961

This app demonstrates the following:

  • Geometry parts and parameterized geometries
  • Dark theme
  • Material appearance visualization with environment reflections
  • Report generation for both Microsoft® Word and Microsoft® PowerPoint
  • Options for setting different mesh sizes
  • Improved graphics visualization by showing/hiding different geometry objects
  • Enabling and disabling ribbon items based on the solution state.

Helical static mixers are often used to mix monomers and initiators which then react during a polymerization process. The concentration field is included in the analysis in order to compute the extent of mixing between two streams injected into the static mixer through semicircle-shaped inlets.

The app can be used to estimate the degree of mixing in a system including one to five helical blades whose dimensions can also be varied. The monomers' liquid properties and inlet velocity can also be varied.

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