Helmholtz Resonator Analyzed with Different Frequency Domain Solvers

Application ID: 20263

This model simulates a simple three-dimensional axisymmetric Helmholtz resonator, a classic acoustics model of a resonating circuit with a known theoretical solution. The idealized version considered here consists of a tube and a closed volume in series which are exposed to a pulsatile pressure. Real-world phenomena explained by the resonator include amongst others the resonance from blowing across the top of an empty bottle, the sound produced by closed-cavity drums such as the djembe, and subwoofers We use this model to illustrate how to use different numerical solvers. We solve this pressure acoustics problem for a range of frequencies using the following different solvers: (a) Frequency Domain with and without Asymptotic Waveform Evaluation (AWE) for faster solution, and (b) Frequency Domain-Modal which reconstructs the frequency response based on a specified set of eigenmodes.

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