Molecular Flow in an Ion-Implant Vacuum System

Application ID: 10011

The Ion Implanter Evaluator app considers the design of an ion implantation system. Ion implantation is used extensively in the semiconductor industry to implant dopants into wafers.

Within an ion implanter, ions generated within an ion source are accelerated by an electric field to achieve the desired implant energy. Ions of the correct charge state are selected by means of a separation magnet, which bends the ion beam to ensure that ions of a particular charge-to-mass ratio are the only ones that reach the wafer. The energy dose and angle of the ion beam are both key parameters for the process.

The app allows the user to change the angle of the wafer as well as the molecular weight of the outgassing species, the outgassing rate, and the surface temperature. The cryo- and turbopump speeds can also be adjusted.

The number density, pressure, molecular flux, as well as the average number density along the beam line can be visualized.

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