Sonic Crystal

Application ID: 16925

Phononic and sonic crystals have generated rising scientific interest for very diverse technological applications. These crystals are made of periodic distributions of scatterers embedded in a matrix. Under certain conditions, acoustic band gaps can form. These are spectral bands where propagation of waves is forbidden. These periodic structures are also often referred to as metamaterials.

This model first analyzes a sonic crystal and determines its band structure. Secondly, the transmission loss through a finite sized crystal is analyzed and results are compared to the band structure.

The effects of thermoviscous boundary-layer losses are also studied here. Both the analysis of the unit cell as well as the finite array analysis include these effects. The results are compared to the classical lossless results.

Ref: D. P. Elford, L. Chalmers, F. V. Kusmartsev, and G. M. Swallowen, “Matryoshka locally resonant sonic crystal” J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 130, pp. 2746 (2011).

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