Transmission Line Parameter Calculator

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This app demonstrates the following:

  • Creating apps for small screens such as smartphones
  • User-interface navigation with a top menu typically used on websites
  • Dynamically hiding forms using card stacks to minimize the space required by the app
  • Changing appearance by using different background colors.

Transmission line theory is a cornerstone in the teaching of RF and microwave engineering.

Transmission lines are used to guide waves of electromagnetic fields at radio frequencies. They exist in a variety of forms, many of which are adapted for easy fabrication and employment in printed circuit board (PCB) designs. Often, they are used to carry information, with minimal loss and distortion, within a device and between devices.

Electromagnetic fields propagate along transmission lines as transverse electromagnetic (TEM) waves. The Transmission Line Parameter Calculator app computes resistance (R), inductance (L), conductance (G), and capacitance (C) as well as the characteristic impedance and propagation constant for some common transmission lines types: coaxial line, twin lead, microstrip line, and coplanar waveguide (CPW).

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